Wifi Enterprise (EAP/PEAP) not working with Android 13


we use Wifi Enterprise with Security type EAP/PEAP.

The configuration is working in the past but now the Wifi not connect after the enrollment of the device.

This error only occurs on Android 13 devices for about 3 weeks.

Has anything changed there?

Here is my configuration:

SSID = [SSID Wifi]

Security type = EAP/PEAP

Phase 2 authorization = MSCHAPv2

Identity = [user whos known on the RADIUS-Server]

Anonymous identity = %_USERNAME_%

Password = [Password from the Identity User]

Identity certificate = None

Trusted certificate = [Root certificate]

I can't see any Information for a connection request on the RADIUS-Server, when the Device is rolled out.

> The phone doesn't even try to connect with the Wifi.

Can anyone help me here?

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