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Sophos Mobile Control App on Android should not be closed

Hi there, 

i have a Android Phone with Android Version 11 for testing, its completely managed by Sophos no BYOD.

I configured it with Android enterprise. I have Google Managed Appstore activated and added some Apps, also the Sophos Mobile Control App. 

I have unchecked the Setting "Allow managing apps" in Restrictions configuration (Android enterprise device policy). 

In my understinding that should prevent the users ability to close the app completley. 

My Problem is that the User can still close the Sophos Mobile Control app. If the app is closed none off my restirctions work anymore. For example i have App Protection with Passsword or App-Control Rules that the user cant access the System Settings. Is the Mobile Control App running its working, but when its closed its not working anymore. 

Thank You 


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