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Sophos Mobile - can't enroll Android device

Hello. I'm having issues with adding Android devices to Sophos Mobile. When going through the "Add device wizard", I can't select any other type of enrollment except for  an "Enroll device with task bundle", which is empty. Even though I have tasks bundles and policies configured for both the "Full device" and for "Work profile only". I therefore cannot finish the wizard when adding a new android device. Is there something I'm missing?

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  • Hi, Gladys, no problem.

    Here's the screenshot with the task bundle:

    I can also confirm that we have the Android management mode set to the recommended Android Enterprise option.

    In the configuration I can see the following details (IDs are redacted but visible. Indicating that the bind works.):

    Android Enterprise is set up. Info available. Unbind
    Android Enterprise mode Managed Google Domain
    Managed Google Domain *******
    Domain administrator *******
    Service account *******
    Android Enterprise account
    Enterprise ID *******
    Project ID *******
    Private key ID *******
    Client ID *******

    The FRP is disabled.