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Error when Default Browser is set as Sophos Int. X Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Android

The latest Android update, Android 13 Kernal 4.19.113-25305888 seems to nonlonger recognize Sophos as a default browser. My Sophos Intercept X version is 9.7.3524. I can set Android to Sophos Intercept X and ensure that Sophos is set to open Google Chrome, but I get an error: The browser you selected isn't available. Please check your link checker configuration in Sophos Intercept X... then the message is cut off. It only shows up briefly on the screen. I have selected the browser I want to open in yhe link checker config, even deselect the browsers, turned the option off and back on again and it still won't work. Please help with this error or provide an update to the app. I have checked for updates on Google Play, I have the latest version installed.

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