outlook app config when using sophos MDM

We have set up some new phones and enrolled them using MDM but when they have come to use the outlook app the ability to add a shared mailbox is not available.  If we try it on a phone without MDM the feature is visible.  Is there a setting to allow the addition of a shared mailbox.  

My only thought is that i have used a managed config when pushing out the app, not really needed with outlook, but wondered if this maybe the reason there is this restriction in place?  

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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  • android, i appears to be something to do with the managed configuration, which "seems" to have sorted it, but now I have another issue of being unable to remove a managed config from a device!!! its no longer in the google play store when i edit but yet when i download outlook again it is still set up with managed !!!! getting frustrated with this now