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Problem adding Usage Access in Sophos Intercept X for mobile

Dear community:

I am using intercept X for mobile with my Xiaomi phones long time ago. In fact, the good results and usability makes me buy Sophos Home for my personal computers.

However, with the last version, and after factory defaults my phone, I was not able to finish right installation of Intercept X.

The installer asks to allow usage access but, in the settings menu, Intercept X doesn't appear as an option to allow this permission.

Version is the last one available in PLay Store, 9.7.3464, from August the 10th.

Phone is Xiaomi MI8 with official last release MIUI 12.0.2, Android 10 (no unofficial, or China images).

Other antivirus, after installation, even although they don't ask usage access, appears in the settings menu as an option to allow the permission.

Could someone help me, or notify development of this bug? I tried to contact by mail, following instrucionts in the Play Store app, but automatic reply that cannot contact by mail address.

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards

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  • Hello Marcos,

    Do you know if the SIXM application offers you the option to gather logs from it? If it is possible to do so, please try using the following navigation. 

    1. Open Sophos Intercept X for Mobile.
    2. Open the app menu and select Settings > Send log by email.
    3. Select the email app.
    4. Enter the email sender and recipient.
    5. Send the email.

    The e-mail can be addressed to "", our app team will be on the lookout for the logs to come in. You are also welcome to reference this thread in the e-mail so that some additional context is present.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Global Community Support Engineer
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  • I just sent the email as you asked.

    I am able to enter the Intercept X GUI for configuration when I install or update two or more apps, from the notification that appear in the phone. But it is impossible if you tap the Intercept X icon.

    For the support team reference, if you can reach them:

    - email subject is: Sophos Community Discussion Thread: Problem adding Usage Access in Sophos Intercept X for mobile

    And I added in the body the link to this thread.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kind regards!!!