How do I bypass an activation lock on a DEP iPad when the iPad is no longer in de list of devices?

Hello, I Know how to use de activation bypass function on a DEP device that is still in the list of devices. But, I have a (DFU) wiped device here, present in my Apple Business Manager server and also in de "Apple DEP devices" list of Sophos. BUT , the device is deleted/no longer present in the "devices"list of Sophos. So now what? The DEP aspect is proofing my compagny ownership, but i'm not aware of any (other) way to unlock this decvice myself.

I tried to contact Apple, but they are re-directing the question from servicedesk to servicedesk.... So tips are welcome.

PS: the last user is not working here anymore, so no way to ask him to enter his apple ID as a solution.

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  • Hi

    This is something where Apple support can help you with,hence would suggest you reach out to them. I will also check with my global escalation team if we have any exceptions.