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[Sophos Notification] Advisory: Sophos Secure Email for Android cannot be opened after update to version 7.1.3

Hi Community,

A small amount of users report issues opening the app after updating Sophos Secure Email to version 7.1.3.

This only seems to affect devices not having a container password configured within the Sophos container policy.

What to do

Sophos development is currently analyzing the issue.

As a workaround enable the Sophos container password within the Sophos container policy:

  1. Log in to the Sophos Mobile admin console
  2. Go to Android > Policies
  3. Click on the Sophos container policy assigned to the devices
  4. Click on General
  5. Mark the checkbox next to Enable Sophos container password
  6. Adjust the settings according to your needs
  7. Press Apply
  8. Back in the policy overview, press Save

Repeat these steps for all Sophos container policies assigned to mobile devices.

After enabling the Sophos container password the change will be applied to the app as soon as it is reopened.
Users will have to configure a password after which access to Sophos Secure Email will be possible again.

Next update

This article will be updated when information becomes available.

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