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Bad experience on Sophos Email PROD Deployment

Hi , any body know where is the proper way to make complaint to Sophos Sales Team?

I started to contact Sophos Sales to test this product & also mentioned need help on the testing and setup.

later pre sales involved & help me to test it.  Before i purchase this license, i did mentioned in email need them on the PROD deployment as well.

After i get the license (around in 01 Mar), i sent them email and wanted to do the roll out but they said they not cover in the PROD , they ONLY involve in the pre sales.

at 04 Mar, i request for refund also get rejected & keep telling me will follow up with their CFO on the approval and update me.

now (12 Mar) still dont have any update...

I need someone help on this license purchase, anybody know how who i can contact with?

thank in advance.

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  • Now our Account Manager told me need PS & we have to pay for it.

    You all should tell me all of these before we buy the license (including not involve in PROD deployment) but only happen after that, always like sales talks…  I did mention the PROD deployment plan to you all.  On top of that you all also not resolve on multiple email domain connection (i also mention this before the purchase).