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Bad experience on Sophos Email PROD Deployment

Hi , any body know where is the proper way to make complaint to Sophos Sales Team?

I started to contact Sophos Sales to test this product & also mentioned need help on the testing and setup.

later pre sales involved & help me to test it.  Before i purchase this license, i did mentioned in email need them on the PROD deployment as well.

After i get the license (around in 01 Mar), i sent them email and wanted to do the roll out but they said they not cover in the PROD , they ONLY involve in the pre sales.

at 04 Mar, i request for refund also get rejected & keep telling me will follow up with their CFO on the approval and update me.

now (12 Mar) still dont have any update...

I need someone help on this license purchase, anybody know how who i can contact with?

thank in advance.

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