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Admin allow list doesn't bypass BULK Quarantine

Strangely, if an email address is added to the Admin Allow list and the Bulk action is quarantine, the email still gets quarantine.

Surely if an email address is listed on the Admin Allow list it should skip the Bulk email check, just as it skips the Spam email check?

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  • Hi everyone! 
    Please make sure that it is the "SMTP From" address that you have put into the Allow list and not the "Header From"
    this is because what really counts is the 'SMTP From' (or Envelope-from) value when it comes to email transaction. The 'Header From' is the "From:" in the body of the email which is very easy to spoof and so if Allow list is based on it instead then there a lot more chances of False Positives. 
    Here is a screenshot of what I mean: