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no Option for disabling welcome E-Mails for access to self service portal

Dear Sophos,

it would be great, if there woulud be an option for disabling welcome emails to new email mailboxes/users. And of course it would be great too, when we were able deciding ourselves sending out welcome emails when enabling self service option globally. A language Option or editor for the welcome emails would also be really nice feature.

We are using SSO/Azure AD for Login to Self Service Portal, hence there is no need for our staff setting up a password. The welcome email just confuses our staff and generates a lot of incidents in our ticketing system.

thx a lot in advance.



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  • There's a lot of things there SHOULD be. Just have to work around the system we've got.

    Unfortunately Sophos removed their enhancement request forum, because too many customers voted up things that customer wanted but Sophos didn't want to do - for example; XG Firewall having a NTP was the top voted enhancement and at the time they shutdown the forum, it had been that way for 8 years. Apparently the new process is to go through your partner, but that ends up nowhere. Sophos don't appear to care about what customers want, which is disappointing, they simply care about what their developers/roadmap say, but their products are normally pretty good so I guess you take the bad with the good.

  • indeed, there are a lot of things which are half-hearted or not there anymore, and the new way, going through the partner is a no go, because as you said, it ends up nowhere. thats why posted this in the community

    NTP on XG/XGS, UPN Login in Central, and many many more. 

  • Stuart, we removed the form because we are switching systems not because we don't care. I would say especially the email system takes into customer feature requests via our field engineers, partners and customers including forum. We are revamping our interface and you will see some changes that should include FR submission. In the meantime I'm here :) how many other product managers monitor forums this closely? rhetorical question, doesn't need an answer. 

  • perhaps I'm being a little unfair. The email security team, in particular yourself, have been very helpful. I suppose I speaking about Sophos more generally - specifically the XG Firewall and Endpoint teams - who are polar opposite.

    This Sophos link doesn't suggest that you're switching systems, but rather the form is removed permanently: