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5.7.51 TenantInboundAttribution

When sending an email from abroad to my email, the following message appears 5.7.51 TenantInboundAttribution 

Also, when adding an external connection‎ , it is not accepted 

Please solve

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    To know if you are using Mailflow or Gateway (two different modes), 
    Go to Central > Email Security > Settings.
    If the affected domain is in "Domain Settings/Status" page, then its a gateway mode.
    If the affected domain is in "M365 Mailflow Domain Settings/Status" page, then its a mailflow mode.

    The two example entries you presented on your original post seem to be unrelated. One seems to be an inbound issue, the other one seems to be an outbound issue. 

    We would recommend creating a support case for each in order for them to be investigated further.

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