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Self Service - Emergency Inbox

Just started using Sophos Self Service and I am at the Emergency inbox. I have a ton of emails from my external vendor,  I have hit Allow in the first conversation. It added the vendor to the allow list. I have waited over 24 hours and there is no incoming mail into my internal Outlook. That vendor and others are still stuck in the "Emergency Inbox", is there a second step somewhere as Sophos is obviously not releasing it even though it is flagged as "allow". 

Bruce Brothers

Rush Personnel


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  • Hello Bruce,

    Just to clarify, you are referring to this Sophos Self-Service? The one for Sophos' Email? 

    If so, I might have been confused about the Release, the release is only for emails in the Quarantine Email, and the email in the Emergency inbox, is retried to be sent after a time cycle automatically, I don't recall right now (but not more than 24hrs), it adds more time after each failed attempt. 

    If Sophos Email can't deliver the email, it will try for a period of up to 5  days. Emails however are stored for 14 days in the Emergency Inbox.


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