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Sending welcome E-Mail to existing Users


we are new to Sophos Email Security.

We have the problem, that no user can login to the Self-Service Portal to release the Quarantined Messages.

The Sophos Central Self Service Portal access is activated.

How do I send a Welcome Message to all existing User in our Central account?

Thank you for your help.


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  • Hello Emmanuel,

    thank you for your reply. 

    This Button I found myself. But it didn't work.

    I take one User and tried to send him a mail. The portal says it's send successfully. But it didn't reaches the user.

    Mail is working the Mail "Endpoint Protection Computers (must be an administrator to install)" reached the use.

    What I am doing wrong?



  • Hello Dirk,

    Thank you for the follow up!

    1. Try to remove the user and re-add it, and resending the email, if the issue persists check point 2.

    2. If you already double check the emails are not arriving to the SPAM or if your Email Server is not blocking them, the email comes from:; after confirming  please open a case with Support and share the Case ID with me.

    When opening the ticket, send a new Email Setup Link to any of the user and provide the date you sent the email and email address that is supposed to get the email, so the engineer can check if the email is in the suppression list or not.


    Emmanuel (EmmoSophos)
    Technical Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • Thank you Emmanuel, I opened a ticket.