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Configure email security gateway

Hi folks,

I need some help regarding mail security configuration,

I am configuring the inbound destination and outbound gateway, 

The costumer have two types of mailboxes, Exchange and Office365,

How can I configure and make it works for two of that mentioned above?

Another thing, 

1- is the ISP or internal server address?

2 - is the ISP or internal server address?

Thank you

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  • Hello Ruben,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    I'd recommend you to reach to your Sales Engineer, or Professional Services, for hybrid setups.

    As of your questions, 

    1. It would be the Public IP of FQDN where Central will be sending the email to, which is usually the Public IP of your router, protecting your exchange server. In the case of being a O365 it would be the server name that O365 provides you with  <yourdomain-com>

    2. This is the IPs for outbound email from your organization, where Central expects traffic to come from, usually the Public IP of your router.


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  • Thank you for your response Emmanuel,

    I will contact our Sales Engineer for hybrid setup, the configurations you describe above works Slight smile

    Have a nice day

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