Can not create a case from Threat Analysis Section or from detections section


I am trying to create a case from the threat analysis center.  But when I go to the "Cases" section, the "Create a Case" button is missing.  Also, when I go to the "Detection Section", I choose a threat, and then click on create a case, but under Assignee it says No Results Found.  So, I cannot choose an Assignee.

Anyone know how to fix these issues?

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  • When you launch the customer site from the Partner Portal, your logged-in user is temporarily given Super Admin access on the sub-estate for the duration of your session. 
    Once you exit the sub-estate/customer site, your Super Admin account does not remain on the sub-estate. 

    I'd suggest creating an Admin account directly on the desired customer site using an email alias or group mailbox if needed. 

    I do see a current feature request to allow the accessing Partner account to be assigned these cases. If you would like me to add your vote to this feature request, please let me know 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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