Installing Sophos Protection for Linux in a distribution without systemd


I've been using Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux in Slackware (a distribution without systemd) for a long time and I'm delighted with this product, which is the only antivirus I can install in this case with the exception of Clamav.

I read in the Sophos Central console that this product will no longer be supported after July 20, 2023, and the new Sophos Protection for Linux product requires systemd.

Can Sophos Protection for Linux be installed without systemd?

What happens to old users of Sophos products for Linux in this case, have we been totally abandoned?

I don't understand the reasons why compatibility was removed in the case of operating systems that do not use systemd for this new product that also works great and we would like to pay for it?

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  • Hello 

    Thank you for reaching community forum. Based on our initial checking, the current set-up for SPL really does require Systemd. Though we're currently confirming further if there will be an option in the future in our SLP to not use systemd. We'll keep you posted for more updates about this. 

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  • Thanks for the reply!
    I would be particularly pleased if the possibility to use SPL without systemd (like in case of Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux) will be added in the future (until July 20, 2023).

    System requirements
    Systemd supported and running -> recommended Systemd supported and running (but not absolutely necessary)

  • While waiting for an answer to my request, I have a few more questions:

    1. why are there two different locations for and which should be used?


    2. why are there three different locations for virus definition files (.ide; .vdb) and which should be used?


    I believe that location 3 in the list above is for configuring an update server, just like in the case of SAV for Linux (/opt/sophos-av/update/cache/).

    I would guess that the correct locations would be the ones with "/opt/sophos-spl/plugins/av/chroot/susi/distribution_version/<xxx>" but "xxx" differs from one installation to another, I don't know if they will also differ in the case of a version update.

    Can "xxx" be a customer id and that be the reason why it differs?