Installing Sophos Protection for Linux in a distribution without systemd


I've been using Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux in Slackware (a distribution without systemd) for a long time and I'm delighted with this product, which is the only antivirus I can install in this case with the exception of Clamav.

I read in the Sophos Central console that this product will no longer be supported after July 20, 2023, and the new Sophos Protection for Linux product requires systemd.

Can Sophos Protection for Linux be installed without systemd?

What happens to old users of Sophos products for Linux in this case, have we been totally abandoned?

I don't understand the reasons why compatibility was removed in the case of operating systems that do not use systemd for this new product that also works great and we would like to pay for it?

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  • I don't want/need to remove support for systemd. I just want to have the possibility to install Sophos Protection for Linux in the case of a distribution without systemd as in the case of Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux (legacy). There are plenty of Linux distributions  without systemd.

    My problem that was solved only in the case of Sophos is the universal installer without depending on .deb or .rpm packages or the existence of a graphical interface.

    I haven't found another alternative for many years that I can use apart from Sophos!

    Raising this as a feature request is a good idea.

    I have no idea who the Sophos account manager is or if I have such a thing, but if there is a way to add a feature request I'd like to do it.

    I hope this doesn't involve too much bureaucracy, I'm not good at that sort of thing, I'm only good at the technical aspects as a network administrator.

  • I will only need some details on the specifics in your environment to submit this through. I've reached out to you via PM now.

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  • Kushal, I too would like to again use Sophos for Linux without SystemD requirement.  I was using the SAV-Linux 9 for about three years, but it is now EOL and for my few stand-alone desktops that don't have SystemD I'm unable to use SAV-Linux and have moved instead to ClamAV, with additional signatures.  I'm active on LinuxQuestions, which is a primary board for general Linux questions, and posted that SAV-Linux is EOL for stand-alone desktops, is that correct?. 

    I realize that Sophos is a for profit company, focused more on corporate environment.  However, does the company have some responsibility to give back to the non-corporate environment also?  Maybe as a charity effort and to keep the FOSS and GPL environments alive and well protected? 

    Thanks for your consideration.  There are many Linux users who would gladly pay a reasonable (I think the old SAV-L was $45/yr) to have a small footprint, well tested product like SAV-L, but who aren't in a corporate environment.  Even small businesses migrating to Linux, to rid themselves of the MS WAAS mess, are targets.  Cheers, BrianA_MN

  • Thanks for the support my friend (LinuxQuestions I guess on the forum for Slackware). You expressed very well what I tried to say!