Installing Sophos Protection for Linux in a distribution without systemd


I've been using Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux in Slackware (a distribution without systemd) for a long time and I'm delighted with this product, which is the only antivirus I can install in this case with the exception of Clamav.

I read in the Sophos Central console that this product will no longer be supported after July 20, 2023, and the new Sophos Protection for Linux product requires systemd.

Can Sophos Protection for Linux be installed without systemd?

What happens to old users of Sophos products for Linux in this case, have we been totally abandoned?

I don't understand the reasons why compatibility was removed in the case of operating systems that do not use systemd for this new product that also works great and we would like to pay for it?

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  • I would like to know who is the Sophos Account Manager for me? Also who is the regional Sales Engineer?
    I don't know what is so hard to understand, I just want to know if the support for System V (SysV) init system will be introduced or not!
    Any answer is good (yes/no), but I want to know how to make my future plans and whether to continue buying the Sophos product in March 2023 or not!
    I cannot make the purchase decision without knowing if I will be able to use it in my case, for operating systems without systemd!

  • Thanks for the help.
    It remains to return to Sophos products if the operating system for my servers will include support for systemd.

  • I too would like to know who my local or area rep and account manager are?  I'm a single home multi desktop environment.  I had a paid license, but was never given a contact name, simply with SAV for Linux 9 that I would have to use the forums for support.  So here we are and we'd really like to know if SAV for Linux  and SAV for Unix are going to be supported going forward on environments where SystemD is not available?  I much prefer Sophos over ClamAV, which is designed fro mail servers not for individual desktops.   And since the list of Linux/UNIX/BSD anti-malware is getting smaller everyday the answer to the question really shouldn't be that hard to get.  Does Sophos abandon the standalone, non-corporate user, or support them?  Since SAV-Linux's latest version requires access to Central Server I might impute that the answer is Sophos is not interested in stand-a-lone desktops, only the corporate environment.  I don't plan to change my post on Linux Questions from what it is now, i.e. that Sophos no longer is supporting the Lilnux platform in non-corporate environments or without SystemD.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  I really hope I'm wrong.

  • I received a reply privately that there are no plans in the Sophos product roadmaps to add support for distributions without systemd.
    The only solution, but I think that in the short term, is the maintenance in the life cycle for Sophos Antivirus for Linux, which now has a deadline of July 20, 2023.

  • Thanks for the update.  It is very unforunate that Sophos has decided to only support SystemD Linux..  It is also unforunate that they have decided to only supoprt corporate installations.   I understand the corporate financial mind, to focus and support the corporate environment, because that is where the most financial reward for efforts is available.  But there are ten of thousands of Linux installations which are home and small business where the large corporate server isn't available also.  I have moved on to ClamAV, which is doing its best for my standalone system.  I'm probably going to investigate further how to get ClamAV to scan on access, in the meantime it will be scan all downloads first.

  • Well, with a bit of luck I came across IKARUS scan.server while looking for a solution for Squid eCAP.
    It integrates very easily into Amavis and Securepoint/squid-ecap-av for SQUID and therefore can replace Sophos for operating systems without systemd.

    The only problem is the price/year:
    Sophos - $100
    IKARUS scan.server - $850
    with the mention that IKARUS is a professional Anti-Malware SDK and APIs for integration in any systems and environments and Sophos is just an antivirus.

  • Some news regarding the addition of support for System V (SysV) init system?
    I noticed that the installation script ( no longer gives an error due to the lack of systemctl, but the final installation fails because it cannot start the necessary services through systemd. The Sophos users created in the installation process still remain, even if it still fails and must be deleted manually.
    I ask this because my license expires in March 2024 and it seems that I will have to give up Sophos after many years of successfully using the only commercial antivirus used on my servers.