Unable to add SAML Federated identity providers.

Hi Team,

I am unable to add SAML Federated identity providers. While adding the same I got the below error.

Incorrect input or missing file. Please check the URL and try again.

I have provided the IDP metadata URL in the form :


Can you please suggest how to fix the same.

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out. Do you get this error when you try to "Turn On" the identity provider? Have you added your Entity ID and Callback URL to your AD FS configuration?…

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  • Hi

    I have gone through the link and can see that there are 3 ways to add an IdP - ADFS, Azure AD, and using the OpenID Connect protocol.

    When we select ADFS as type, then it gives an option to add other IdPs from the Vendor dropdown list, which I believe is misleading because it only accepts the metadata that is generated by ADFS.

    Can you please suggest what all IdPs are supported using SAML protocol?