• Updated version of Connectwise Automate plugin available

    Version Improvements and Bug Fixes. Improvements Additional improvements to lower frequency of calls; No longer syncing Endpoints immediately after a deployment as there is a scheduler job to do this once an hour. This should further red...
    • 11 Dec 2020
  • Update available for Sophos Central Connectwise Automate plugin

    Please see the Connectwise Automate Integration Wiki Page for download and deployment instructions. Version Improvements and Bug Fixes Bug Fixes Addresses 429 sync errors as a result of too many requests to the Who Am I API. 'None&#39...
    • 24 Nov 2020
  • New Native Integration for Connectwise Automate

    We are excited to announce our latest integration into Connectwise Automate.  Allowing for robust features such as; View and management of Sophos Central Endpoints and Alerts directly from within the Automate application. Aggregated D...
    • 12 Oct 2020
  • New Deployment Scripting for SyncroMSP

    We just released a Sophos Central Deployment Script for SyncroMSP. The script uses Custom Customer Properties to define the Customer Token and Products for each Customer. The script can be scheduled or added to a monitor looking for Sophos Central not installed on an Endpoint. The script is currently for Windows Devices Only.

    You can view the Setup Instruction Here


    • 27 Aug 2020
  • New Automated Deployment Scripting for NinjaRMM

    We just released a Sophos Central Deployment Script for NinjaRMM that uses Parameters in the script to install to the correct selected customer. Once set up, Sophos Central can be automated for deployment via Policy to ensure that Sophos Central Endpoint is installed on all devices. This deployment is currently limited to Windows Devices, options for macOS will be coming soon.

    You can view the Setup Instruction Here


    • 27 Aug 2020
  • New Solarwinds N-Central Deployment AMP File for Sophos Central

    Hi Partners,


    We just released a Sophos Central Deployment policy for Solarwinds N-Central that uses Custom Properties per Customer/Site. Once set up, Sophos Central can be scheduled for deployment or even added to the Initial Agent Onboarding Policies to ensure that Sophos Central Endpoint is installed. This is using the Solarwinds Automation Manager to pull these custom fields. This deployment is currently limited to…

    • 4 Aug 2020
  • New Consolidated Sophos Central Install Component for macOS

    Hi Partners,

    A new component is available for the Sophos Central [MAC] Installer. The component requires the Customer Token and Server Location Variable to be filled in from the Sophos Central Partner Dashboard - Deployment CSV File. The Server Location variable isn't the same as the Windows Server location.

    The new macOS Installer component can be used in conjunction with the Central Monitor for macOS to allow for…

    • 26 Mar 2020
  • New Consolidated Sophos Central Install Component for Windows

    Hi Partners,

    A new update is coming for the Sophos Central [WIN] component. Currently, the component requires that the products be filled in on the Site Variables with the correct command-line arguments for the products that you're wanting to install. This gets confusing for new partners as they're not familiar with the different components that make up Intercept X Advanced for example.

    With the New Component…

    • 25 Feb 2020
  • Datto RMM: Sophos Central Monitor (macOS) Now Available

    The Sophos Central Monitor for macOS is now available for Datto RMM in the ComStore.

    ***macOS Install Component Coming Soon***


    This monitor will determine if Sophos Central Endpoint is installed or not. If installed it will update the AV Product and Status for that workstation or laptop. It will create an alert for macOS devices missing Sophos Central Endpoint.

    • 28 Oct 2019
  • Updated Datto RMM Install Components

    Hi Partners,

    Today we released updates to the following Datto RMM ComStore Components:

    • Sophos Central [WIN]
    • Sophos Central - Prompt Product [WIN]
    • Sophos Central - No Competitive Removal [WIN]

    This update brings in a change that no longer requires the SophosMgmtServer Variable under Sites. It also removes the included SophosSetup.exe from the Components.

    We've introduced a new Download Installer API to download the correct…

    • 25 Oct 2019
  • New Datto RMM Components Released

    Hi Partners,

    Today we released updates to the current Sophos Central Install Components and a brand new Sophos Central Install Monitor.

    Install Components

    • Sophos Central [WIN] - This is the Default Install Component that uses the Customer Site variables during the installation.
    • Sophos Central - Prompt Product [WIN] - This is a component that will prompt for the product components to be installed.
    • Sophos Central - No…
    • 3 Oct 2019
  • Sophos Central Thin Installer Updates

    Hi Partners,

    As some of you may know already, the Sophos Central Thin Installer has had some pretty significant changes recently. Below is a list of all the changes and how they affect your installation scripts from Sophos and any custom installation script that you have written.


    Sophos Central Thin Installer Changes

    First, the SophosSetup.exe has been updated on the Sophos Central Partner Portal.

    • For those using the…
    • 27 Sep 2019

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