Version : Bug Fixes

Please upgrade the ConnectWise Automate/Sophos integration plugin. To upgrade the current plugin with the new DLL, follow the instructions listed here - Upgrading the Sophos Automate plugin .
The list of bug fixes done in the latest updates are:

  1. Support for using the ShowAs field for customer name in CSV imported to Connectwise Automate instead of the customer name.
    1. This will avoid mismatch of names between the Partner Dashboard and Connectwise Automate

    2. The ShowAs field if not set in Partner Dashboard will default the value to customer name

  2. This issue of Intercept X Advanced with XDR not installing the XDR component and only installing Intercept X Advanced has now been fixed. Connectwise Automate plugin is now deploying the XDR component on client successfully when Intercept X Advanced with XDR is selected.