We are excited to announce that the Autotask Usage Sync Integration has been upgraded with a product mapping enhancement.

The new enhancement allows you to...

  1. Search for and decide which PSA services/products each Sophos product should be using when syncing the daily usage counts
  2. Ensure future product/service description/name changes in the PSA would not affect the Sophos product to PSA product/service mapping
  3. Ensure future product name changes from Sophos would not affect the Sophos product to PSA product/service mapping
  4. Ability to create/edit a new PSA product/service for a mapped Sophos product
  5. Decide whether a specific Sophos product should be synced to the PSA (in case of bundling products into branded offerings)
  6. Decide which attribute (for example, Service/Material Code) in the PSA should be assigned to each Sophos product, to allow proper accounting in the PSA and help with revenue recognition (before this enhancement we used to create products/services automatically in the PSA with a default value assigned "SaaS" to all the products)

Please review this Reprise guide for details on how to take advantage of the new capabilities - 

Product Mapping Guide for Autotask

  • Up until this release there was no visibility into which PSA services are updated and how those are mapped to Sophos products.

    The release of the product-mapping feature allows partners to view and change that mapping, but was not intended to auto-revise existing mappings. If you see a product that was getting the usage counts in the PSA and it changed post release last week, please reach out to Support to investigate, as this should not happen. 

  • No announcement that this change is happening. If you are already syncing Sophos usage with Autotask this new update will attempt to match Sophos products with one in Autotask but they don't match up correctly. Now I have to match each Sophos item with Autotask and then fix all of my AT contracts.  Great update but poorly executed.