Today we have released a new set of enhancements to the Usage Sync functionality for both the Autotask and ConnectWise PSA Integrations.

  1. The integration will only create new PSA products upon explicit partner request, and not automatically, for partners who enable usage sync.
  2. The product mapping user experience has been updated based on MSP feedback, to prevent unintentional un-mapping of products, as well as clarify how an existing mapping can be edited.

These enhancements should improve the overall experience for partners looking to take advantage of the recently released Product Mapping feature, available on the PSA Integration page in Partner Dashboard, when clicking on the "Configure" button.

Mapped products allow for products/services to be updated in the PSA without negatively affecting the sync process, and it also allows partners to use pre-existing PSA products/services instead of creating new ones as part of the Sophos integration, as explained here -