Plans for access to protection policies?

Are there any plans on the roadmap to expose (possibly read-only) data about individual protection policies for each tenant?

Things like scheduled scan date, per-policy exclusions, computer/group scoping, etc.

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry but I am not sure what you are requesting here. Are you asking for an API path where you give a TenantID and get back all the policies that have been created in that tenant with a list of machines it is assigned to?

    Right now, you can pull out the policy information on a per machine basis with the paths in the Endpoint API. Is that the information you are looking for?


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  • I am looking more for endpoints that can detail settings in the various protection policies stored in the official Central Dashboard.

    An example of the data I'm looking to get is the scheduled regular scan date per Endpoint Protection and Server Protection policy.
    I'd also like to be able to retrieve data on the various settings toggles for specific policies

    Something like... "Does policy A and B but not Policy C have Deep Learning enabled?" or
    "Are there any policies that would be considered not configured properly?" via semi-regularly scraping the policy data and comparing it to known defaults.

    The current endpoint APIs do a really good job with the broad strokes, but some of the reporting I'd like to do requires details that as far as I can tell are not yet available from the current API.

  • Hi Trevor, 

    Unfortunately policy retrieval is not currently possible in our Central API. I am not sure on an ETA for it in the future either. 

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