Plans for access to protection policies?

Are there any plans on the roadmap to expose (possibly read-only) data about individual protection policies for each tenant?

Things like scheduled scan date, per-policy exclusions, computer/group scoping, etc.

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  • Hello Trevor and Skylar,  I can shed some light on our plans for policy based APIs.  If I were to classify the requests here, it looks like we have two requests.

    1. Policy management APIs for tenants
    2. Reporting of Policies for rapid insights and response

    At current, we do not have plans for reporting API, however recognize this functionality is important to our customer base and are actively discussing what a full suite of reporting APIs and functionality would look like, and where it would fall on our backlog.

    Now, for some good new! We are currently in active development on a full set of policy management APIs at the tenant level, which are currently due to release early in the first quarter of the 2021 calendar year.  This will include functionality for policy retrieval and management across:

    • Endpoint enumeration
    • Application control
    • DLP
    • Windows Endpoint firewall management
    • Peripheral control
    • Threat protection
    • Update management
    • Web control
    • Server Lockdown
    • File integrity monitoring

    Initial release will cover the ability to:

    • Retrieve all policies for a given Tenant
    • Retrieve a single policy for a given Tenant
    • Update policy order priority
    • Update an existing policy