We have just updated two APIs with new API routes:

  • See our Developer portal for full details and usage examples
  • Common v1: You can now manage users and groups for a tenant.
  • Endpoint v1: You can manage global endpoint settings such as allowed/blocked items, and Web Control local sites.

Common v1 changes

  • Add a new user to a tenant's directory
    • POST /common/v1/directory/users
  • Find all groups or filter by specific fields such as 'name'
    • GET /common/v1/directory/user-groups?fields=name&pageTotal=true
  • Add the new user to the first two of the groups above:
    • POST /common/v1/directory/users/66b19b82-2fcb-40as-b15b-d691e49e25z1/groups
  • Additionally it is possible to specify the groups a user is added to when you create the user. The new API functionality is the same as the options in People in Sophos Central Admin.

Endpoint v1 changes

The new routes in the Endpoint v1 API are all under /endpoint/v1/settings and closely match the functionality in Sophos Central Admin:

API route Page under "Global Settings"
/endpoint/v1/settings/allowed-items "Allowed Applications"
/endpoint/v1/settings/blocked-items "Blocked Items"
/endpoint/v1/settings/web-control "Website Management"
/endpoint/v1/settings/tamper-protection "Tamper Protection"