Original Author: Doug Aamoth - Posted June 26th 2015

VIDEO: https://s3.amazonaws.com/net-reflexion-marketing-videos/RTC760.mp4

Reflexion Total Control (RTC) has been updated to version 7.60, which includes several new features and improvements. 

The one-minute video above contains a brief overview of what's new. The release notes are as follows:

New Features in Reflexion Total Control 7.60

Improvements in Reflexion Total Control 7.60

  • Attachment Filtering 
    • Now configurable on both inbound and outbound
    • Option added to disable zipped-executables scan
  • History Details Page
    • Button added to create a new user from message(s) sent to an unknown recipient
  • Configuration Status Page
    • Domains can be added to or removed from SMTP tests and MX records tests
  • Allow List and Block List Entries
    • Solution providers can now bulk-add allow list and block list entries for multiple customers
  • User Export
    • In addition to allowing users to be exported, distribution lists and public folders can now be exported as well

As always, if you have any questions about this release, feel free to create a support ticket, call us at 781-569-6666 + option 4, or initiative a live chat.