On Friday 18th November, we are upgrading our spam filter engine to improve Reflexion's spam filtering capabilities. This upgrade will give you a better email experience, as we work to eliminate more of the unwanted email from your inbox. We still encourage you to send all missed spam to Support.Missed@Reflexion.net; all these submissions are evaluated and used to enhance the spam engines effectiveness.

As we are changing the way we classify spam, it may be necessary for you to review the settings you have within Reflexion.

The upgrade will modify the default "Content-Filtering Threshold" settings configured in Enterprise Properties. Below shows you what the current value is and what the new values will be:


Level Current Value New Value
Aggressive 60 75
Optimized 75 85
Cautious 90 95


If you currently use the default "Content-Filtering Threshold" settings, then you do not need to take any action. These settings will automatically be adjusted for you.

If you use custom "Content-Filtering Threshold" settings, then we recommend that you review these settings and you may need to manually adjust them based on the new values. For example, if you currently have Aggressive set to 65, then you would change it to 80. These are only recommended settings and it may wish to adjust these settings over time to fit your requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Reflexion support at support@reflexion.net