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PMX Installer for UNIX

Hi Good day,

                  Anyone can help me where can I get the installer of PMX for UNIX because I try to go on the website and it provide me PMX for exchange only.

Thank you in advance..



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  • Hello JormonVillaflores,

    if your license includes PureMessage for UNIX the you should see a PureMessage for UNIX link in the Email section on your Downloads page. Anyway the link leads to the following text:

    PureMessage for UNIX and appliance customers don't have credentials to access this area, as your product software and documentation are not available on the website. Please contact your local Sophos sales office instead.


  • Hi Christian,

                  Thank you for the answer I already have the installer of PMX for UNIX. Do have any idea how to get the setup file (.sh) I try to extra the installer and I could not find the .sh executable file.


    Thank you

  • Hello JormonVillaflores,

    I have no idea what's in or should be in the current installer. Not only I'm not the one who maintains PMX at our site but it's three years since our last install. I've asked my co and all he has is a not-so-small script named <LicenseNumber>-<Platform>.sh. How and in which format he got it he can't remember (lucky him). 


  • Hi 

    Still im facing the same issue i have downloaded the pmxrepo-6.0.0-linux.tar and extracted it. But i couldn't complete the next step as "sh" command. 

  • Hello Aravinth Nageswaran,

    what is couldn't complete - you get an error message (could you post it) or nothing happens or? I'm also not sure what you mean by the sh in sh


  • Dear Christian


    i have complete up-to step 3 but im not sure how to complete the step 4 (I haven't get any install file via email and )


    1. installed redhat 


    3. tar -xvf pmxrepo-version-platform.tar

    4. Copy the installation script that was sent to you via email to the same directory where you extracted the tarball (/tmp in the example above).


  • Hello Aravinth Nageswaran,

    sorry about the sh question, historical shell ...
    So what happens when you sh (naturally without the double quotes). there must be some response?


  • Hello Aravinth

    You can install PMX via 2 ways: 

    Prerequisite : file (most of time the format is :

    Directly from internet

    Install your system

    Make sure all perquisite are installed to (like kernel headers etc ...) 

    run as root user

    1. chmod +x
    2. ./
    3. Follow instruction

    From tarball

    1. Download pmx tarball from : (ie: wget –c
    2. tar xvf pmxrepo-6.3.3-linux.tar (pmxrepo directory is created)
    3. copy paste license in the same localtion that pmxrepo directory
    4. run installer
    5. After installation, change repository from local update to internet update via pmx-setup (url : )
    6. Perform a check for update directly from pmx-setup menu
    7. Done

    Hope this information help you, 

    Best regards


    Best regards,
    Florian (aka LEFBE)
    Sophos Technical Account Manager

  • Hi. 


    from the Tarball

    how to run the installer? 


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