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Hybrid Exchange Migration. Can I or Should I turn off PureMessage?

We are in the middle of migrating from On-prem Exchange 2010 to Hosted Exchange and I've been wondering.. Is much point to having PureMessage still installed on our On-prem Exchange Server?

We have migrated all of our end-user mailboxes over to being cloud-hosted, but are still using our on-prem exchange server to relay emails.

I have noticed that Pure Message hasn't really done any quarantining since migrating the mailboxes, however it is still detecting the odd virus attached and/or linked to emails. So I'm not entirely sure if it is doing a great job since going hybrid anyway.

Considering our current environment is hybrid, is it safe to uninstall PureMessage from our on-prem exchange server?

We are currently running Pure Message version, on Exchange 2010, on Windows Server 2008 R2.

We are using Zen Spamhaus as our on-prem blocklist DNSBL, if that factors into the equation at all.

Thanks for anyone's input.... I don't want to go uninstalling PureMessage and breaking something in the process... having things hybrid is so stressful! Eeek.


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