Sophos Central Endpoint and SEC: Computers fail/hang on boot after the Microsoft Windows April 9, 2019 update. Please follow knowledge base article 133945

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click the "Open in new tab ' option becomes "Open in new window" option

1 - Sandboxie 5.30,Windows 10 x64 bit 1809 Windows 10 x32 bit 1809 Windows 10 x32 bit 1903 Windows 10 x64 bit 1903
2 - internet explorer 11
3 - Microsoft Windows Defender ON
4 - sandbox with default settings
5 - Open the web link, there is no "Open in new tab" option, only the "Open in new window" option, click the "Open in new tab ' option becomes "Open in new window" option

  • Hi there,

    This is a known issue, related to DDE and Windows 10 version 1809 (prior versions, such as 1803 will not show this behavior)
    No workaround at this time, other than dragging the url to the top of your browser (which should open a new tab), or switching to a different browser.


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    There are even more problems with the 5.30 and the Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7 x64), even if it is started outside the sandbox!

    Inside and outside Sandboxie: The charts of the signals on are no longer displayed.

    Inside Sandboxie: After logging in to, a middle click on a link successfully opens a new tab, but you are no longer logged in to that tab. This problem does not exist if Internet Explorer was started in "InPrivate" mode.

    So I'm back to 5.28 and all problems with Internet Explorer 11 are gone.

    I use Pale Moon, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It all depends on the page. Pale Moon for news sites without videos, Firefox for sites with videos or for certain news sites and Internet Explorer for sites where no addons should be active or where the performance is better than with Firefox.

    I don't like and don't use chromium based browsers.

  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    After testing, only SandboxieInstall-527-1 can be used normally. SandboxieInstall-527-2 and later versions are not normal. What is the reason? Can you consider the release version for IE11 alone? After all, IE11 users are very, very large, and can't always use this.

  • In reply to li wang:

    Hi li wang, 

    We are aware of the issue. If/when a fix is a available, it will be posted for everybody . 

    The problem started -again- with Windows 10 1809 (or higher) and Sandboxie 5.27.2 , but this is not a new issue, it comes and goes as Microsoft makes changes.


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:


    I have a suggestion for a possible workaround, aside from the previously provided one (so far I've tested 2 diff win 1809 (x86 and 64) and they both worked fine). 

    Launch IE in the Sandbox as administrator --> tabs should open within the browser. 

    So right-click on IE --> Run Sandboxed --> Check the "Run as UAC Administrator box" 
    Test opening new tabs.

    Hope those steps help while the devs investigate the issue.