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Sophos repeatedly asks to remain active in background on Oneplus 6t with PIe. How i can resolve?

  • Hi Mass8, 

    I was able to replicate this issue on my Android device(Moto G5, Android 8.1.0). All I did was to enable the battery optimization for Sophos apps. Here are a few screenshots which I managed to gather: 

    This happens as the battery optimization of Android kills the Sophos applications because of which, Sophos will not be able to make sure that the device is protected at all times. So it might take a little bit of hit on the battery, but I recommend that you disable battery optimization for Sophos applications. 

    To make sure you don't get such warnings, please follow these steps: (Steps might vary depending on the OS) 

    1. Go to Settings>Apps & notifications. 

    2. Select "Sophos Mobile Control">Battery>Battery optimization. 

    3. Set it to not optimized. 

    4. Repeat the above steps for "Sophos Mobile Security" application. Sync your device once. 

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    Ok, i don't have got the Sophos Mobile Control on my phone, and i installed it.

    I set not optimize on all sophos app, restart and the problem remain

    Attach screen shot

    The first is before restart, after restart, the error in sophos, and the last afteri fix the error in sophos

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    you would think that this will stop the prompt :)

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    Yes until I restart the phone

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    same here.

  • Hi  and  

    Since both of you are using Oneplus devices, this seems to be happening only with the Oneplus device lineup. 

    I would request you to open a support ticket with us as this requires further investigation. 

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    in other thread I saw number of people reporting this for Oneplus so this could be true.

    thanks for your help.

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    I have tried to open support ticket, but the support isn't for free user