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Sophos Intercept X for Mobile help documentation (Android) - suggest addition of simple examples or further reference links.


I know you are primarily an enterprise solution provider, however I'm a retired engineer (not EE) who has found Intercept X to be a marvelous netsec tool. Many thanks on behalf of we individual users!

What I would like to see added to the Help sections, where appropriate, is the addition of simple examples, reference links, and/or summation terms for searches. Multi-factor authentication is a semi-wobbly concept for me at present (retired non-EE engineer.) While your help section gives clear easy instruction on how to activate with caveats, myself and I'm sure other individuals need a better grasp of it's use to allow proper use of this extremely valuable (and I realize free) service.

I understand if it is beyond your purview as a public service, however I believe it would also be of value to some of your enterprise users.


Mark Capoferri - mark.capoferri@gmail.com
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  • I wasn't sure where to post this since I'm not an active participant. Any suggestions appreciated.

    I an an individual user of mobile Intercept X and Security & Antivirus Guard. I received a push notice from GPlay saying the Sec & AntiV had not been used and suggested uninstalling to free up space. I posted the following review and notice. Please let me know if I misspoke and I'll edit accordingly. It seems others are confused by what I assumed is it's immutable status without net traffic which I also assume to be the source of Google's less than helpful suggestion. 

    "Integral part of Intercept X anti-malware by Sophos. Enterprise grade and FREE!!! If Gplay suggests removing because it hasn't been used, DO NOT. It's secured by immutable privileges thus no net access/traffic."


  • Hello  ,
    Thank you for the kind words about out Sophos Intercept X for Mobile product.

    I'll pass your comment to our technical author and will see what we can do to further improve our documentation.