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Removed content as Configura CET designer compatibility was improved in one of the latest Intercept X versions and is no longer incompatible.

Article with bad link for addition details. Affects product compatibility with Configura CET

There is the article at 

In there is a paragraph about Configura CET configuration changes needed for compatibility, but the link is broken, and no amount of searching in the document portal has lead to me finding it. Can the link get updated or the article restored?

Quoted exact text below to make it easier to validate:

Configura Open CET Designer is incompatible with Sophos Intercept X

Running Sophos Intercept X alongside Configura CET Designer can cause issues with CET Designer functioning. We recommend applying Exploit Mitigation exclusions according to this article Sophos Central Intercept X: Incompatibility with Configura CET Designer.

Parents Comment
  • Hi , good day. 

    Our escalations team confirmed the information. The latest version of Intercept X is now compatible with Configura CET Designer. 

    We suggest you open a case with Sophos Support so our team can verify the issue further. Kindly provide the Intercept X version when you experience the issue running CET and what alternative you tried to fix the issue. 

    Hope this helps. Thank you. 

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