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How to choose the gateway for firewall rule on v18: ASAP

Please create the corresponding KB for v18 and create a KB on how to redirect traffic to not default gateway (if multiple gateways exist).

There is a lot of confusion on the XG community.


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  • Hi  

    Thanks for the feedback. We've taken that request and will work on creating a dedicated article for that to make it simpler.



  • Hi Iferrara,

    In response to the feedback received from the Sophos Community and Sophos Firewall v18 early access program, our product management and development teams have been working in the shadows, adopting several measures to help our customers transition to the new decoupled Sophos Firewall v18 NAT architecture. Through Sophos Firewall v18 early access programs, the teams have (to list a few):

    • Created 'NAT how to' video content (linked from within the XG Firewall NAT configuration tab
    • Enhanced the online context sensitive help
    • Implemented a DNAT configuration wizard
    • Provision 'Linked NAT' rules to promote smooth migration to XG Firewall v18

    Sophos prefer to prioritize feature intuitiveness, negating the need for KBA's for feature configuration guides.

    Where complete intuitiveness cannot be achieved (perhaps in relation to a complex feature), we would look to ensure all relevant and required information is contained within the product context sensitive help. Clicking the 'Help' and finding all appropriate information in one place will save administrator time as opposed to searching the thousands of KB articles, perhaps receiving a number of returns not relevant to the specific use case.

    I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this alternative approach/focus - as well as any scenario that is not specifically covered in the product documentation.

    Kind regards,

    Andy Last

  • Here's a Community Recommended Read post that  has published on how to redirect to select a default gateway in SFOS v18 (vs SFOS v17)

     - Awarded you with 30 points and the Good Idea! Community achievement for this suggestion. I would also advise to reach out to  if you had any further feedback or suggestions related to his points above.


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  • Thanks  

    I will check the steps to see if there are some mistakes. To be honest I am collecting feedbacks from customers where I am sharing v18 new features and customers are not very happy about the new v18 SD-WAN implementation or the removal of Wizard inside the Firewall rule. Also selecting the gateway inside the firewall rule was much easier compared to v18 where you need to move between 3 different tabs and 2 different menu, but I guess that is not a good feedback for this feedback.

    Let me know so I will delete this reply.Just to let you know guys the real feedbacks I am getting from the field!