Documentation for Sophos XG Firewall v18 is now available!

• Online help:
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• Release notes:
• CLI guide:

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  • Thanks, I have passed this information on. Just to let you know, we are working on updating and improving the CLI guide at the moment, so we will make sure that the commands are all included.

  • set network mtu-mss Portx mtu 9000 mss default

    show network mtu-mss Port1

    set routing sd-wan-policy-route reply-packet enable

    show routing sd-wan-policy-route reply-packet  

    And I am not sure if there are others. In v 17.5 I discovered commands after reading and comparing previous and current console guide (which is time consuming)

  • Hi FormerMember I have just spoken to the person who documents the CLI guide, and they would like to ask which new CLI commands you are referring to for this release. If there are no new commands this release, we will implement this for the next release (if there are any new commands).

  • Thanks. A dedicated pdf inside the release notes or new commands inside the release notes itself.

  • Hi FormerMember,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I have spoken to the team, and we will publicize new commands so that you don't have to search through the CLI guide. I will let you know when this is done and I will send a link.

    Best Regards,