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Sophos will cause performance issue (slow response) on Windows Server 2019



I have the following scenario:

- I have created a new virtual machine, which has Windows Server 2019 installed and has NO Sophos yet, all works fine and the server's performance is normal (CPU usage is between 15% and 25% most of the time and e.g. IE opens within 1 to 2 seconds)

- I installed Sophos ( EV 3.74.1) on the server, and the server started to experience a performance issue and slow response with high CPU (between 80% and 100%) when I only run simple applications (e.g. when I open IE or Explorer, it takes up to 5 or 6 seconds to open the window, and the CPU is bouncing at 100% for few seconds and still hight until I do nothing on the server for few seconds)

- As I mentioned above, If the server is idle for a few seconds, the CPU will drop down to around 20%, but once I open IE again it will jump up to around 100% and IE takes a long time to open.

- If I then uninstall Sophos, the problem will still present, even all Sophos components are removed (not sure if there is something still running in the background or if the impact of Sophos on another component in Windows is still affected)

 - Also, I have noticed that the "Sophos System Protection" is not being installed, not sure if this is related to Windows Server 2019, or to Sophos version, or is it intended by Sophos to have this component included in another one !!

Does anyone have the same issue with Sophos and Windows Server 2019? are there any recommendations? or should I wait for a new release of Sophos?

The same Sophos policies and configs are applied on Windows Server 2016 servers, and they have no performance issues at all !!


Our Sophos is managed by SEC 5.5.0


Please let me know if you need more information.

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