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After submitting of Name & Email no download link for free tool Anti-Virus Linux Basic



First, I must apologize for my rather bad English, but I think I can be helped faster in English.

So yesterday I managed to download this Free Version for my new Linux notebook - but I had to wipe the disk completely after I managed to do some really scary things which destroyed my boot loader. I'm new to Linux, so I don't mind to fail often and miserably.


Today, I tried to get the Sophos Antirus again, but the site just tells me that this product cannot be downloaded due to no trial being avaiable anymore. I understand that the managed version of the Sophos Linux Antivirus had its end of life in Dec 2019, but I try to download the Version under the free tools page from Sophos? I just don't understand what I am doing wrong.


Yesterday, when I managed to download the file, I had to submit not only my name and email, but also my work place, my profession and in which field I work. Today, I don't get to that submission anymore.

I know it seems rather drastic to ask for this kind of support, but could you provide me with the right link with which I submit this advanced data of myself to get the download started? I tried like 45 minutes and I am starting to question my mental health for failing to download this free tool.

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    It's a bitter pill to swallow, but Sophos has chosen to discontinue the free version of their Linux antivirus.


    If you really need to have an antivirus on your Linux box, then your options are:

    • Either Comodo (looks free so far, proprietary) or ClamAV (free, open source). Just be aware that, according to an old test by AV Test, Comodo's Linux detection rate is worse than poor while ClamAV is better (when compared to Comodo) but not even close to Sophos' detection rate.
    • Or, get a license from Sophos (paid, proprietary).


    Very sad to learn about its discontinuation, but that's the problem with proprietary freeware: it can be taken away anytime.

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