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Hi all,

    I setup one WindowServer for cache and relay server. Now i plan to install my one of linux server for Sophos EP and this server is offline. So how can I check from my sophos central for this offline server status ? It can check it from my relay&cache server ? after I installed the Sophos EP package on this offline server ? 

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  • I'm afraid those are the instructions for Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux (retired), not for Sophos Protection for Linux (current Linux agent).

    If you do a clean installation of SPL after setting up the Message Relay / Update Cache on your account, the installation should use the Message Relay and Update Cache immediately, and the machine will not need a direct internet connection.

    If you have an existing installation, it will require direct access to Sophos Central, in order to receive policies with the new Update Cache and Message Relay configuration before they can be used.

    You must ensure that the Linux endpoint can access the Message Relay and Update Cache on their configured ports, in order for them to be used.

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