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operating Apple Mac computers: Not started: SophosScanD

How does Sophos think we could operate your software correctly on Mac computes?

Whenever there is a Sophos Intercept-X Client update or a new user logs in on the Mac, Intercept-X is not working anymore until the Sophos services are manually allowed again.

We have no Device Management for Mac computers.

It's not possible to have a stable situation with this limitations - 30-40% of our Mac computers is always "red" in Central management.

I'm aware of

In your doc you wrote:

Even the notifications from Sophos are often blocked by MacOS, so the user will not notice issues with Sophos Software on the Mac.

Some Sophos services are not running/missing
Not started: SophosScanD

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  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for getting back to us. I've inquired internally regarding this, and we'll need to investigate further around the permission set, as it might be slightly different from what we expect. We'd suggest raising a support case to have this checked by our team.

    Next, the Sophos endpoint icon is always black. why black? and it will not change, when there is an issue. It should show up with a coloured icon, red, orange, whatever when there is a problem. If it is always black, the user will not know if it is not working.

    This makes sense. You can submit this as a feedback or a feature request.

    Gladys Reyes
    Global Community Support Engineer
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