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Endpoint slow down internet speed


We got a dedicated optical fiber 1gb Down/up .

With the endpoint installed, the speed download seems to be block around around 150 to 300 mb/s. Upload is correct.

IF i uninstall it, then the speed go back to normal with around 900 mb/s. Tests are made through NPERF. 

I tried a to play with settings on sophos central but none of them seems to make it work normally.

Does someone experiencing this issue or does know how to fix it ?

Note: Please see the following Blog Post for the latest update regarding this issue

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  • Yes, but not concerned about when support is scheduled to do it, as I know they will get to it.

    Ran the same test with a 1 year old laptop and it performed much better than the 4 year old laptop I used above.

    Core Agent: 2022.4.0.4

    modernweb.offloading.enabled = 0 - Download = 211.89 Mbps & Upload = 891.78 Mbps

    modernweb.offloading.enabled = 1 - Download = 622.65 Mbps & Upload = 919.34 Mbps

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