The latest version of Sophos Intercept X Endpoint for Windows includes web performance optimization.

Important: Currently, once the device is running the latest version of the Sophos Endpoint software (Core Agent 2022.4.1) an additional action is required to enable the web performance optimization.

These enhancements will be enabled for all customers in the near future. In the meantime, if you are experiencing web performance challenges now, please follow the steps below.

  • Step 1) Check the Sophos Endpoint software version

    Ensure that your Windows devices are running Core Agent version 2022.4.1 (or later) and are running the Windows 10 x64 operating system (or later). You can see this information in Sophos Central.
    • User Endpoints: Core Agent version 2022.4.1 has now been released to all customers.
    • Servers: Core Agent version 2022.4.1 is currently being released and is the rollout expected to complete mid-February. If you need the new version earlier, please contact Sophos Technical Support.
      Tip: Check that the ‘Controlled Updates’ feature in Sophos Central is not being used to pause endpoint product updates for your devices.

  • Step 2) Request enablement of web performance optimization

    Currently, the ('web offload') update that provides the web performance optimization for Windows endpoints needs to be enabled for your Sophos Central account.

    This will be enabled automatically for all customers in the near future, however currently you’ll need to request this by opening a case with Sophos Technical Support. Please provide your Sophos Central unique ID with the request to enable 'web offload'. (this can be found in Sophos Central under Account Details > Sophos Support).

The new agent version, along with the web performance optimization, has successfully resolved challenges for many customers. However, if you continue to have performance concerns after completing the steps above, please open a case with Support for investigation.


What is this ‘feature’, and what performance concerns does this address?
This is an improvement to how the Sophos Endpoint agent for Windows processes web traffic when HTTPS decryption is not enabled. Sophos Endpoint performs a number of processing steps for all web traffic. This (‘web offload’) optimization significantly reduces the required steps after SophosLabs security checks and Web Control policy checks are complete. This improves general web browsing speed, large file download speed, and results from broadband speed test sites.

When will this be enabled for all customers?

We are currently targeting enablement for all customers by the end of April.

Are there any known issues with enabling this?

We are aware of an issue when using Cisco AnyConnect. This has been fixed in development and will be included in the next Core Agent release, after which we will roll out this web performance optimization to all customers, targeted to complete by the end of April. If you are using Cisco AnyConnect, Sophos Technical Support will be able to provide further guidance and access to an MR (Maintenance Release) version with the fix.

What are the recommendations for partners who handle a lot of clients?
To enable the optimizations, Sophos Technical Support will need to know the unique ID of each customer’s Sophos Central account. This information can be found in Sophos Central under Account Details > Sophos Support.

  • There still seems to be a disconnect between support and the content of this article. I've tried to get this enabled for customers experiencing this issue and given up. Even pointing support to this very page doesn't change anything. For what should be a simple request the information support is asking for is ridiculous.

     * enable remote assistance in Sophos Central
     * provide the 'unique id' once remote assistance is enabled in Sophos Central
     * Sample Device name of affected machine 
     * Sophos Core version installed in affected machine 
     * Please provide detailed context or explanation as  to why you want to enable Web Performance Optimization ? 
     * Are you having internet speed issues  ? or connection/loading issue with any site  ? 
     * Do you have 3rd party products like iBoss, Senso Cloud or AnyConnect that are installed in the affected machine ?
     * Capture SDU logs 

    Noting that this is for *each* customer.

  • My apologies for the frustration. I have looked into your support case and have followed up internally to have your case looked into by our management teams. 

    If you do encounter issues in working with our support team in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Sophos Account Manager or to Your case will be reviewed as a whole to ensure you're receiving quality support from our team.

  • I am currently still waiting for this to be enable 3 months on. I am chasing but nothing and the support has been terrible. 

  • If you are using AnyConnect, I suggest opening a support case so you can be provided with the Maintenance Release. 

    using Cisco AnyConnect, Sophos Technical Support will be able to provide further guidance and access to an MR (Maintenance Release) version with the fix.

    Through the normal release channel, this is currently scheduled to be completed early next month, though these dates are subject to change without notice.

  • Hi Sachin,

    While not all of the issues you mentioned here appear to be related to the Web Performance Optimizations, I do have some suggestions. I will reach out to you via PM to follow up.