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Bandwith Issues Chrome/Firefox/Edge

We have been using Sophos intercept x advanced with MTR for about 6 weeks. Since then, our bandwidth has dropped 90%. We use a gigabit internet connection and have previously achieved the following values ​​in a speed test in the browser: Down: 900MB/s Up: 800MB/s

Now, if we're lucky, we'll get Down: 60MB/s Up: 300MB/s.

We found out that it is due to the following settings:
 If these settings are deactivated, we have full bandwidth when surfing again. But we don't want to leave them disabled. This is not a condition, the support from Sophos is not getting anywhere either. We expected more...

here are the screenshots from the speedtest:

deactivated settings:

activated settings:

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  • Hi, i've got that update 21 days ago and can say, that the download speed on Windows 11 Enterprise Machines did not get that performance boost like it is announced to. My Downloadspeed is about 20-40 mbit faster than before (but only one fourth till half Speed of other Machines without Sophos). After about 10 Seconds, the downloadspeed goes slower and slower.

    Do you have any ideas? I think, the Bug is not completely fixed, but a kind better than before. Thx