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Sophos Web Intelligence service high CPU


one of our users is complaining that the Sophos Web Intelligence service is having a high CPU (around 40%-45%). He'll launch a scan, to be sure, later. But does anybody has an idea why this can happen and what we can do to solve this?


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  • We need some more information to provide any guidance here. 

    Web Intel only cares about network traffic calls coming from browsers - so, do these spikes happen all the time? At specific times of day? All users? 

    Also, do their users have a lot of network actions? What are they doing in their browsers?


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  • Dear RichardP, thanks for the info. As it seems that it's especially related to the browser I will ask the user to remove the cache of his browser and see if there is any difference after. I'll keep you posted.

  • I would suggest, when he has the issue, run from an admin prompt:

    wpr.exe -start GenralProfile

    Leave it to capture for 1 minute while you have the issue, then run:

    wpr.exe -stop C:\generalProfile.etl.

    If you open the trace with Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) which you can get from the MS Store or by installing the Performance Toolkit component of the SDK, it is then possible to work it out.  

    I guess you could zip and link the etl file here or pass it to support to analyze.