Sophos 10.1.4 Big Sur com.sophos.endpoint.networkextension High CPU

I very recently upgraded the laptop given to me by my employer from Catalina to Big Sur. The next day I started having network connectivity issues. The network would appear connected in System Preferences but no traffic would occur. I rebooted my machine 3 times that day to clear the problem. I contacted my employer's help desk and they suggested resetting the SMC which I did several times but that made no difference. Finally, I noticed in Activity Monitor that when the network stopped working com.sophos.endpoint.networkextension was using 100% CPU or more. I then performed a kill -9 on that process and the network instantly came back to life. The problem is that sometimes the process will restart and go back to using 100% CPU and kill the network again while other times it may be OK for several hours. In any case I am finding I have to kill the process at least a half a dozen times a day.

I noticed that a similar problem was reported during the EAP period for 10.0.3 but supposedly it was fixed.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas as to what might cause it?