Issues with hotel and airport WiFi

Does anyone else have issues with users connecting to guest WiFi networks, seems to mainly effect Mac users. When we set the users machine to a profile that has no Threat Protection features enabled the connection works, so it is not Web Control settings.

This is quite a tricky one to recreate and test on the bench so was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has a solution short of turning off all Threat Protection features. 

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  • okay, I think this will probably need more indepth investigation than I can do over the forum. I would suggest you open a support case and gather the following:

    1) a SDU from one or more affected machines

    2) a TCPDump while the issue is happening

    3) a TCPDump while the issue isn't happening (turn off the parts product if needed)

    I think the issue is with the WIFI having a landing page that is getting blocked or not presented - probably because it has an untrusted cert - but I can't be sure without the above.


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