Can not open Central. Error message



Today i can not Login to Central


When i login i get this error : 

Failed to get early access programs you’ve joined
Please Help
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  • Hi Stephen,

    I don't believe this is resolved. I am 2 months later, and I'm still experiencing this issue. And to be more specifically, I am only experiencing this issue when I am logging into Central/Enterprise using Microsoft Federated sign-in. This is through and has been previously approved with AZURE AD connect. I am able to connect via Sophos Central credentials which also sends MFA token code.

    Another user was able to login using Microsoft Federated sign-in. So that eliminates or isolate out any Central configurations. What could be causing this on my PC. (Browser Cache = Cleared, Cookies = Cleared, tried Incognito, Firefox, MS Edge). Sorta stumped.

    "Failed to get early access programs you’ve joined"