Deep Learning Malware Analysis introduced to Intercept X EDR Early Access Program.

Feedback when requesting the latest Sophos Threat intelligence on processes from within Threat Cases has been vastly improved with the introduction of Deep Learning Malware Analysis to the Intercept X EDR Early Access Program. This feature automatically analyzes malware in extreme detail, breaking down file attributes and code and comparing them to millions of other files so you can determine if a file should be blocked or allowed.

Along with leveraging new machine learning technologies, the updated malware analysis report has been further enhanced to provide prevalence details, file property details, and signature details which can also provide key insights when coming to conclusions on suspect files.



How do I join?

Click here to view a presentation walking through the EAP registration process


Technical requirement

Due to a change in how the endpoint agent monitors and then logs system changes, Sophos recommends that endpoints enrolled in the EDR Early Access Program have a minimum of 15GB of free hard disk space available.


A known issues document an EAP overview video, an EAP demo video and other collateral related to the new features are available on the Intercept X Early Access Program community landing page:


Please use the Endpoint Detection and Response forum for asking questions, highlighting issues, or sharing feedback: